Everything you need to know
to build and grow a Calligraphy Business

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Everything you need to know
to build and grow a Calligraphy Business

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Does this sound familiar? 


βœ“ You are a dreamer and you have these big desires in your heart but you believe they’re “too big” to come true.

βœ“ You are a creative wanting to convert your passion into a profession, work with luxury brands and land your dream clients?

βœ“ You’ve learnt calligraphy and would love to build a business around this craft but are not sure where to start from.

βœ“ You look at other calligraphers who’re making it big and are wondering what are they doing so differently that you’re not

βœ“ Tired of undercharging, not understanding industry rates and feeling undervalued for your beautiful calligraphy?

βœ“ Your imposter syndrome, self doubt, and lack of confidence contributes to you being overworked and underpaid

βœ“ Your business is going well but you now want to take it to the next level, diversify your revenue streams and upscale?


If you nodded yes to any of the above,


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So, what's included?

10+ Hours

of Live Class


Learn and implement everything you need to know to build and grow a calligraphy business.

Ready to

use Templates


Ready to pitch to a client? Make an invoice? Or simply add terms and conditions to your quotation? We’ve got you covered!

Rate Sheet


All your pricing struggles come to an end here, get your hands on a rate sheet designed especially for the Indian Market.

Q&A Session


All the classes will be followed by a Q&A so you can get your doubts answered and gain clarity.  


Be a part of a community group where you can seek all the support you need as you grow your business

Here’s a sneak peek of what will be covered!

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Passion to Paid


β‚Ή 14,999/-





All students receive access to the Zoom class link as well as the lesson recordings. You are free to participate however it works best for you!

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Hear from our Students

Diya Mathew 
Kochi, India

Sanjana has single-handedly been responsible for popularizing calligraphy in India. Sanjana conducts fantastic, top-notch workshops, where the course material is superlative, the sessions informative and engaging, and of great value.  She is truly India’s calligraphy queen: talented, focused, respected, and oh so kind!.

Subha  Paul
Delhi, India

The information that's provided in Sanjan's workshop is very thoughtfully planned & complied. I was in awe with her style of teaching. She is very patient & kind towards her students. Her quick response to every query be it online or offline is just something I really appreciate. 

Zainab Hussain Ezzi
Chennai, India

"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind & touches a heart. But Sanjana you have just taken my soul. I have fallen in love with you and your style. Your way of training is crystal clear. Of course, we are left with no doubts and lots of practice to get up to your standard.

Clients and Associations

Clients and Associations

The Possibilities are Endless